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Implementing a holistic approach to healthcare, sanitation, hygiene for companies

AFND is a one of the most respected and reputed social ventures in India. AFND is committed to do social services for numerous corporate sectors, companies, and industries by applying a holistic approach to healthcare, sanitation and hygiene, involving multiple stakeholders at various levels to drive numerous health activities. Activities including offering safe drinking water, establishing of sanitation facilities, bringing nutrition awareness & education, vocational healthcare training, and diagnostic promotion in rural areas. Including, our social venture group pursuit all-inclusive healthcare activities for companies aimed at bringing an effective and quality healthcare reaches in and around our geographic location.

Furthermore, we are not engaged in offering books and publication materials rather than we are only practicing the effective Healthcare CSR activities for companies.

Performing the right CSR programs to school children & women

We show enthusiastic and fulfillment in conducting CSR program to strengthen from the root i.e school children in terms of healthcare, nutrients and hygiene. From primary to higher secondary students, we provide education & awareness towards health, malnutrition, food habits, cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and water.
We believe that bringing education element and economic participation are the key role in ensuring the empowerment of women. Our CSR team meets the victim women to their place or any rural areas. In additional, we work with micro-enterprise activities and awareness on health aspects. The main goal is to create a significant difference by improving their overall quality of women's life.

Our CSR services towards organization

  • women empowerment
  • School children health awareness
  • Combat disease like HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc.
  • Conduct training and skill development

Our CSR Projects

AFND social enterprise prepares to work with a number of projects associated with health, food, and nutrition, dietetics and sex awareness activities. Our tailor-made solutions and holistic approaches that fulfill our clients' needs and bring supreme social benefits.

Implement HIV/AIDS CSR activity for corporate

As per 2015, 36.5 million working people are living with HIV. It is double than the prevention and awareness in this disease management. AFND partnered with companies brings its step towards doing some CSR activities for companies fight the spread of the disease and enhance quality of life.

AFND Employee-driven action towards the stigma and discrimination

In addition, AFND social venture committed with the Companies, dedicated in HIV/AIDS Epidemic CSR program by offering the condoms or sex prevention material to the professional people or most vulnerable communities to foster hope and bring positive impact to society. We helped companies to eliminate addressing HIV/AIDS challenges both in the workplace and community by generating awareness, educational campaign and by fostering employees to understand why, what and how.

Provide Women and girls menstrual hygiene product & awareness

Number of girls and women economically not have access menstrual hygiene product & lack of knowledge about health risk and dangerous. Understanding this, AFND supports companies, work as the social venture in offering the sanitary napkins to the girls and women located in the rural areas. Undertake health campus that involved menstrual hygiene and health issue/awareness on the hygiene practices during the menstrual periods.

Actual Outcome of this program:

  • With the help of this program, we will able to reduce the reproductive tract infection in girls and women.
  • In addition, helps to reduce absenteeism (school children/college girls/working women- elimination of using sanitary napkin product)
  • Generate awareness and habits of utilizing sanitary napkins during menstrual periods to keep hygiene
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