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At AFND, we not only develop innovations and translate the society but we also create entrepreneurs. All our new products and ideas disseminated to the society through our entrepreneurship programs. We have initiated two such projects recently that includes CFME and the Healthy Supermarket model. Both the project in terms of ideas conceptualization and implementation has been successful running in various countries and the states.

We would be glad to be supported by likeminded enthusiastic supporters and investors who share the same zeal and enthusiasm in this project. We also invite proposals from doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, psychologists who are willing to start the venture to promote evidence based approach preventive health care model specifically focusing on non-communicable diseases.
– It's time to Act to mitigate the cost and burden of chronic diseases and its risk factors rather than wait-and-Watch approach else the cost of waiting-financial and social will be overwhelming.

How we are different from others?

In India there are approximately 6500 hospitals specially emphasized on treatment of diseases based on drugs. Further there are wellness/dietary clinics (owned by individuals) in different parts of India but they are focused more towards traditional dietary prescription and did not consider the scientific based approach. In addition, gym centers are also growing today but emphasize was more on six packs and fitness. In addition, there are number of Ayurvedic centers that emphasize Ayurvedic medications and acceptability of such medication is also low among population. All the centers above either considered diet, exercise and yoga and meditation as a part and not from holistic perspective. Moreover, not many has focused on natural way of preventing, treating and managing diseases in a scientific way with evidence based approach. The concept conceived by AFND, a CFME model does this work effectively.

We are looking for supporters who understand the importance of food, physical activity psychology, and education as important as medicine for prevention and management of several diseases. This model is not only applicable for urban population but also semi-urban and rural population where diabetes and heart diseases is still high which is masked due to poor awareness. This model could be simply translated to local cultural eating and activity habits and by utilizing the available space/parks. AFND is also seeking worldwide supporters, to set up preventive health care model especially in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and African countries (Tanzania) where it suffers from double burden of both chronic and communicable diseases.

CFME: A need of the hour in countries where mortality and morbidity burden due to NCDs are high Given the high projections of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, it's time to act rather than 'wait-and-watch' approach. We need to act promptly by joining hands with the professionals in India and around the world to initiate this centre and bring down the diabetes numbers to half of its projection figures before 2030. Nothing is impossible in this world, this is of course true for NCDs also, which is already well proven that 80% of all types of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases could be preventable.

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