Training Healthcare professional

The title of the project:

Nutrition Health Education Training among Healthcare professionals: Delivering the evidenced based practices

Background of the project:

It is well acknowledged that training is the key to success for any program as the success depends on the training effectiveness. One of the main challenge faced by the country is the shortage of people with appropriate basic training in nutrition. Therefore, to address the issue and implement nutrition and health education programs, one of the corporate-funded to train the health workers for nutrition education especially, for counseling, education, and evaluation specific to management of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.


  • To develop training modules by following evidence-based practice and guidelines
  • To impart training among healthcare professionals
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of training


The program was conducted among nutritionists, healthcare workers and social workers working in different organizations. Around 100 nutritionists / dietitians participated in the survey, and both pre and post effectiveness was evaluated.

Outcome of the program

The results showed that there was a positive shift in the knowledge of the participants following the training.

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