Title of the project:

Health awareness program for professors and lecturers

Background of this project:

Professors and lecturers are the key reasons to reshape the young population. But, they are having a lack of health awareness such as Dengue and Chikungunya, Swine Flu, eye, ear, dental problems, HIV/AIDS, maintain a healthy/balancing diet, the impact of nutrition, etc. facing various health challenges. Towards creating safety and health society, one of the leading healthcare units approached us to conduct the health awareness camp for the professors. Thus, redefining their good health perspective was the main goal of this healthcare awareness camp.


  • To develop awareness camp by following best practice and guidelines
  • To study awareness among the professors & lecturers about level of health awareness through questionnaire sessions
  • To create health awareness to edify about culture of wellness, eating right, how to reduce the stress, importance of nutrition & fresh fruits & vegetable
  • To assess professors effectiveness and level of knowledge after completing health awareness camp program


We selected one of the popular universities in Chennai where we conducted healthcare awareness camp around 25 professors & lecturers. Our healthcare specialist, dieticians, nutritionists partaken in this camp program. Including, both pre- and post –camp effectiveness was assessed.

Outcome of the project:

The awareness camp was informative and interactive, in which the college professors actively participated and clarified their doubts. The output was positive in term of enriching the knowledge of the participants. Our team was cherished by that healthcare team.

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