Obesity Awareness Project

The title of the project:

Tacking Overweight and Obesity through nutrition education in South Indian children.

Background of the project:

Childhood obesity has become one of the most predominant health problems. In order to address the mitigate the issue, we have been approached by the food industry as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to conduct nutrition education campaign among school children.

The following are the objectives framed:


  • To assess their anthropometric status of schoolchildren
  • To determine the prevalence of obesity among school children.
  • To assess their general food pattern
  • To examine the current status of food intake through 24-hr recall method
  • To educate the school going children on food, and nutrition and its impact on health.


The program was conducted among School children across Chennai. The target population was school children aged between 12-16 years’ children. Both public and private schools were targeted for the assessment. Both individual and group sessions were conducted and nutritionists recruited could able to deliver the program through power point, education materials such as charts and pamphlets on healthy eating and school’s boards were utilized for the group session. Quiz programs and games were arranged for a group session to ensure that program was interactive and colorful. In order to make this program effective, free lunch box ideas were introduced to the parents. The program went for six months.

Outcome of the program

The program was measured in terms of a number of children met and educated. The outcome was successful as we could able to meet children as targeted and delivered the program as per the schedule. Teachers and principals were appreciated as we changed the complete school camp with more nutritious and healthy.

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