Title of the project:

How far college going students are aware about their health and wellness

Background of the project:

Currently, most of the young minds are figure out by the lack of education & knowledge concern to health & wellness aspects and also limited awareness on taking a health decision. In order to tackle this issue & create the awareness, one of the top South Indian Television channel conducted the “Nutrition Lifestyle Disorders College Students In Chennai” debate program. As part of the CSR activity, our team members reached the spot to give an


  • To study awareness in term of nutrition lifestyle and packaged foods among young population especially college going students.
  • To evaluate the impact of health awareness debate programme on knowledge of nutritional lifestyle & packaged food


The Program was conducted to the 45 young minds ranges from 17-25 years of age. We targeted to this age range people since these are special periods in the life of an individual when major, physical, behavior and psychological changes take place. Particularly, this period is important for preparing/undertaking for higher responsibilities including the decision to study, to earn income and health responsible as parenthood. Thus, future of society mainly depends upon on these young people as they are going to act as guidance for next generation. Both public and private college students participated in the debate. In this session, a one-sided group of people conveyed talk that “packaged food became a mandated part of the human lifestyle, so it is better to increase the standard of packaging –i.e., No Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or chemical packing method”. But, another side of the group opposed & present their statement that “packaged food should be eliminated & its dangerous human life” and “Packaged food are time savers but harmful too”. In this session, we assessed the psychological perspective of young generation easily.

Outcome of the project:

At the end of the program, Radhika Ganesan, CEO-AFND explained ( AFND raised its voice) the impact of our swift lifestyle mandate to eat packaged foods rather than fresh foods since we do not have accessibility to eat more fresh foods. Progressively, she requested to practice balanced diet in eating 2/3rd fresh foods on daily basis. The program was successful every student got clear awareness about packaged foods demerits, MSG, and fresh food merits.

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