Title of this project:

Nutrition labeling awareness program among Chennai adults

Background of this project:

As the rise of diet-related problems increases day-to-day, Nutrition labeling becomes more and more extensive on food packages in globally. One of the main challenges faced worldwide, whether consumer really notices labels & understands this nutritional information to make healthier decisions when shopping food product. To understand this, one of the popular FMCG companies funded amount to conduct Nutrition labeling awareness program among Chennai adults to identify how well adults aware about food labeling or understand the nutrients information in Chennai area.


The following are the objectives outlined:
  • To determine the nutritional labeling awareness among the different groups of adult consumers.
  • To discover the importance of nutritional labeling among the consumer in buying the product.
  • To discuss the diverse methods in promoting nutrition labeling among consumers
  • To educate the consuming amount of nutrients in the body mainly- intake of fat/sugar, calories and other nutrients levels on the food package.
  • To educate the nutrition labeling tables and its constituents


The program was conducted among South Indian adults in and around Chennai areas. The target population aged from 20 years and above were recruited for the study. The areas selected using Random Generated Numbers were– 1) Triplicane 2) Royapettah 3) Thiruvanmiyur 4) Gopalapuram. The participants were 200 in each area was carefully chosen for the study. The main survey was completed, and a total of 600 targeted people responses have been collected which was published.

Based on the research questions, a questionnaire was developed which consists of multiple sections in order to assess the knowledge about:

  • Demographic questionnaire
  • Habits medical history
  • Food and nutrition label use and practice
  • Food and nutrition knowledge
  • Nutrient content in food items, especially main focus on macronutrients
  • Non-users.
Both pre and post examination was evaluated

Outcome of this project:

The program was measured that nutrition awareness level is very low among the targeted adult consumers who were responsible for buying the foods. The participants were happy to be part of this awareness in getting edify about various nutrition labeling scheme and its constituents as well as understand its importance.
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