Importance of Nutrition and Hydration

The title of the project:

Nutrition hydration week conducted at old-age-home in Chennai

Background of the project:

The term nutrition has frequently been used in recent past referring to food intake to attain and maintain good health. In fact, in recent times, Nutrition has been viewed with much significance and has gained momentum on realizing the impact of food and nutrition in building health status. Scientists, professionals have constantly been formulating and updating desirable food-related practices and portion sizes to achieve a healthy status according to the physiological requirements of individuals and also battle against diseases. Therefore, nutrition can be evidently summed up as the requirement of vital nutrients for the development and maintenance of our body to meet the everyday functions. Nutrition is the foremost aspect in developing and enhancing the health of the individual and community as a whole. Nutrition is also inclusive of hydrating the body without which the nutrition provided will remain incomplete.

Malnutrition in older people is becoming the most common problem. In addition, dehydration is another important problem facing by aged people. Older adults are more susceptible to water imbalance and ensuring they drink sufficiently is a complex and challenging issue for nurses. The factors that promote adequate hydration and the barriers which prevent older people from drinking are not well understood. The dehydration challenges faced by old age people are poor oral health, constipation, urinary tract infection poor skin integrity, and confusion. Our commitment to contributing and promoting the wellness to our society has provided us with yet another platform to accept the invite and join hands as an ambassador for Nutrition and Hydration Week. We were conducted nutrition & hydration week program at the famous old age home in Chennai as part of Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014 (17-23 March 2014) , where we explain the importance of the nutrition & hydration as well as how to keep maintain the healthy body diet & hydrated in during the summer season . AFND will target multiple social and healthcare setups for Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014 (17-23 March 2014) across the nation in consent with the global initiatives in bringing out the significance of nutrition and hydration as to create awareness.

The main event of the week is the Worldwide Afternoon Tea on Wednesday 19 March which is open for service providers including both healthcare and social care settings to partake in Afternoon Tea along with the entrusted people and the care providers to demonstrate in simple of the one accord establish the aim of creating an awareness of the significance of Nutrition and Hydration with humble beginnings. A simple gesture and an attempt such as the Afternoon tea can be carried out home care institutions, communities, day care centers, Luncheon clubs and during supportive workers visits within NHS settings like cafes, wards and waiting rooms.AFND is a proud to be a partner in this global event with similar supporters of Nutrition & Hydration Week from countries around the world including Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals, USA, the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, Australia, the Spanish Association of Hospital Hospitality, the Norwegian Dietetic Association and Healthcare Caterers International, to name a few. AFND strives to support the initiative and in turn, benefit the community to enhance their health through a proactive approach and firmly believes in inculcating the scientific knowledge of health and wellbeing of individuals through translating them into simple practices along with imparting the knowledge for developing the practices into habits of wellness.

AFND Initiates Nutrition and Hydration Week


"To create a global movement that will reinforce and focus, energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as an important part of quality care, experience and safety improvement in health and social care settings." Being an ambassador, AFND, India a series of informative and interactive webinar sessions at old age homes and professionals will take place in addition to other activities that are designed to support patient safety improvement around nutrition and hydration.


The program was conducted at the popular old age care home in Chennai area. The targeted population aged from 45 and above including both male and female. They asked numerous oral questions about numerous nutrition and hydration. Our team members with the help of PPT explain through figures & pictures and communicate the subject through their language to understand well about nutrition & hydration impact. In additional, we offer the free food for those senior citizens.

Outcome of this project:

At the end of the program, aged people were very much happy getting a clear idea about the understanding of nutrition and importance of the adequate level of safety drinking water. We completed this program successfully, and that company appreciates our work.

Radhika Ganesan, President of AFND Said:

"Healthy food and nutrition are imminent for all, and much more especially for growing children and older adults particularly in countries like India where malnutrition is highly prevalent as in parallel to over nutrition. The awareness that Nutrition and Hydration week brings is absolutely critical to raising the issue higher up on the health agenda. The Association of Health, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics is proud to be as ambassador Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014".

AFND will work with professionals, educational institutions, organizations, catering institutions, hospitals and other healthcare service industries. In order to bring out a cohesive effort of spreading the characteristics of good nutritional care and to cultivate such practices in their environment. AFND welcomes collaboration from enthusiastic organizations and benevolent sponsors with the commitment and motivation to participate in sharing the zeal to provide proper nutrition and hydration for every individual of the community. There are numerous methods () through which you and your organization could support this meaningful cause. We also encourage schools, colleges, educational institutions and organizations to carry out Nutrition and Hydration Week on their premises. We will provide banners, software and other tools required to conduct the program.

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