Mentally Retarded children

Title of the project:

Impact of Mental retardation & Autism order Awareness campaign

Background of the project:

From Mild to severe, raising children with diagnosing mental retardation before the age of 18 is common nowadays. Progressively, Autism is a serious lifelong neurodevelopmental disability. Family members, who are handling this kind of special child, face struggle because they are unaware of how to cope up. Some of the parents economically experience troubling to give support to their child. It stated that mental retardation would be the largest cause of disability by 2020. By understanding this, popular healthcare unit approaches as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to identifying the children who are affected by mental illness and autism disorders and to explore the impact of the awareness among the parents and our communities.


  • To find 150 mental retard children family in and around Chennai.
  • To segment their victim children activities through interactive session among parents & family members
  • To develop training module based questionnaire approach to the parents
  • To edify and to empower the public to create awareness via training about these disabilities comprehensively and give the support live an ordinary life.
  • To examine the effectiveness of training


The program was conducted to create awareness and educate the parents to handle their mental retard and disability autism child. Around 70 plus healthcare professionals participated in this program and then both pre and post training effectiveness was evaluated. Our team members approached to their place conducted the useful multiple sessions. From age 2 to age 15 mental affected & autism disorder victim activities examined through one-to-one counseling and group interaction approach. Meanwhile, we offered the food to the affected children to motivate family members & communities.

The outcome of this project:

The program was measured regarding a child with mental retardation can do better in learning the school or better living with the help of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP). The parents and communities were happy to be part of this awareness in getting edifies about how to treat & educate their children. This training program shows a high-impact to the individuals who took part it. The program was successful, and healthcare team appreciated with our approach.

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