Awareness Camp:BMD Test

AFND in association with GuiRes Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. organizes 'Free checkup' with help of a team of senior consultants from a network hospital around the city. We conduct free camps in association with local doctors, bringing specialist medical attention to patients. This is beneficial for patients who cannot afford to travel long distances or are social marginalized and cannot afford basic medical expenditures. We bring free health checkups to your door steps. We are proud in having an association with a large number of doctor and specialty hospitals around India to facilitate such camps at your residence or at your work place.

Corporate/Government Offices

Employees of multinational companies and government offices who have sedentary life styles complain of several physical and psychological problems even though they are socially and financially comfortable.Standard health exams and tests can help find issues before they begin. They likewise can help find issues early, when your chances for medicine and cure are better. Which exams and screenings you require hinges on upon your age, health and family history, and lifestyle decisions, for example what you consume, how dynamic you are, and if you smoke.

Schools/Colleges/ any educational institution

Improving the human capital of countries particularly the intelligent, social, mental and physical capabilities of youngsters and youths is crucial to the change of quality of life of the citizens of our country. Moreover, education/training and health are interlinked. Student's health influences not just their cognitive execution in school, additionally their capability to go to and stay in school over a longer period of time. To guarantee participation of kids and to upgrade their capacity to study, their health issues need to be tended to persistently. It is in this respect that people in general health framework of a country has an essential part to play. Health organizations working with instructive frameworks have the possibility to achieve billions of youthful individuals worldwide. Children with minor infirmities are treated on the spot in the school. Youngsters needing examination by specialists are sent to the identified referral focuses where diverse therapeutic specialists like ophthalmic surgeon, doctor, pediatrician, dental specialist, dermatologists and ENT surgeons inspect and treat them. Those kids who require scenes are furnished the same free of expense. Kids experiencing Heart, Kidney and Cancer infections are analyzed by super-specialist offering healing centers. We participate in fund raisers and refer students to several agencies and ensure medication and treatment is given free of expense for socially marginalized children.

Physical health checkups - Initiating movement

Talk to our specialist about the dangers that are particular to your ailment, its medication or your lifestyle. Request them to test a wide go of manifestations. Recall that, you are qualified for these health checks.

Assuming that any physical health issues are discovered, talk to our specialist about the choices for enhancing your health. These may incorporate:

Evacuating or diminishing even one hazard element can have a huge effect. By taking control of your existence thusly, you can enhance your enduring health, and you can feel better as well.
  • beginning a particular medication
  • recognizing a change of solution
  • Examining lifestyle updates, for example eating propensities etc.
  • Referral to minimal effort helps or programs, for instance a dietitian or a stop smoking group. Little progressions can have a huge effect.
Benefits of free health checkups at AFND, perks of avoidance and unanticipated recognition
  • Feeling better rationally
  • Being physically sound is handy for your mental health.
  • Fewer health issues
  • Bringing down the danger of advancing sicknesses.
  • Distinguishing issues early, so they could be treated sooner.
  • Taking control
  • Getting standard health checks helps you feel you are taking control of your existence.

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