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We care our industry players to do best patent analysis services as we understand how well an intellectual property is significant as well as a crucial asset to the community in terms of prevention and management of various diseases. Diseases once unshakable to humanity like leprosy, smallpox and polio, at one end and “senility”, once thought to be an inevitable consequence of aging, today have been controlled or eliminated or cured to an extent. Advanced in healthcare truly redefined what it means to live a human life.

AFND, as part of the social enterprise, we enable our research community to develop the best product that leads to healthy and wholesome living. In the context of the new product development research, we assist the various segments of the healthcare industry – medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food industry, nutraceuticals, and biologics. We enable the industry to discover truly innovative treatments. We implement and strategize such valuable assets into the best way with the help our industry-specific expertise. Our team has a number years of experience in analyzing the Intellectual property pattern from multiple directions. We have a capability of providing more accurate and insightful patent analysis helps to create and acquire new intellectual property, unlock the patent licensing and collaboration opportunities, understand competitors patent strategies thoroughly and intellectual property (IP) barriers as well as risks.

Benefits to the Healthcare Industry.

Our comprehensive patent analysis & mapping in a quick turnaround time that enables scientist, strategist and attorneys to take better decisions in R& D planning, new product development and strategic development. In addition, AFND also strives hard in doing quick insight analysis by performing seamless data visualization, data mining and data analysis to create the better patent landscape that supports to identify competitively and technology trends. We contribute to our society by enabling the food industry to discover truly innovative treatments rather than simply developing high profit.

Our Services

  • 1.Intellectual property mining for Portfolio: We process the systematic and personalized patent portfolios to create initial assessments. Our experts will review a large set of patents and provides ranking assessments.
  • 2.IP valuation: We employ an accurate valuation analyzes depends on standardized/common methodology and give value to the IP assets. .
  • 3.Litigation preparation: From initial investigation to report generation, statement and testimony, we extend our litigation support services to our communities.
  • 4.Infringement analysis: We utilize a paramount patent analyze, the approach to detect potential infringement against product and product claim charts. Including accurate detail process of mapping a patent

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