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Developing new product is a complex process as it demands in-depth knowledge in the areas of ingredients, processing techniques, packaging, legislation and consumer demands and preferences. At AFND, we assist the food industries in developing new product development by generating scientific evidence through randomized clinical trials (RCT). We support in innovative food product development by researching food, food constituent or ingredients and dietary supplements development that would answer about efficacy, safety and bioavailability.

We take responsibility for executing new product development, quality improvement and value improvement projects. Our food scientists have years of experience in customizing a healthy baking mix formulations for retail and food service. We are willing to extend our services as food formulation experts or scientists to provide support through commercialization of the product to benefit the society. We have well-trained and experience food scientist who is best in developing healthy new product formulation to support for food and retail industries.

We support the following areas of overall product development process

  • Product strategy development (initial screening, preliminary market assessment, detailed market research, product concept development [validation & standardization of recipe; comparing the product with that of competitors], financial feasibility study)
  • Initial ideas, followed by Test kitchen (pilot phase)
  • Consumer testing through Group discussion, street interviews, home trials
  • We develop a baking mix formulation within cost and time constraints.
  • We assure to coordinate with laboratories, pilot plants and plant trials for new product development projects.
  • We assist in conducting routine and non-routine laboratory tests on dietary supplement or food application (based on geographical location); analyze results; reports findings; and, identify/justify abnormal results.
  • We are willing to works with partners and help them plan and implement research for shelf life, sensory analysis and product performance
  • We work with QC team of our partners for appropriate tests on new products.
  • We review existing products for cost reduction and nutrition value enhancement, where possible.

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