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AFND provide support for food clinical trials

Clinical trials are an important component of food and its constituents in order to support for health claims. Yet, there are several factors including Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines must be considered in the clinical study design so that the goals and objectives are met and to ensure that the findings obtained are relevant to the health claim (any representation in labeling or advertising that states, relationship exists between the food consumption or a constituent in the food and a person’s health”) proposed. AFND has a strong team with research and clinical staff from a variety of background (gastroenterology, food science, psychiatry, cardiovascular, and radiology).

We offer a great breadth of expertise in the areas of functional foods that includes dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, by conducting research on foods for medical trials and human intervention to

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Our well-experienced senior specialist at AFND, showcase continues dedication and contribution to the food-based research. AFND offer the highest standard food product findings ensure that your research study sounds good. Foods are tested by our health specialist according to the standardized methods. We meet your requirement by offering confidential and accurate result. We work closely with the food industries to develop new food products.

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