Advanced in healthcare truly redefined what it means to live a human life. Therefore, as social enterprise organization we care our industry players

The capacity and skills that reside in the sciences offer NGOs great scope in implementing and delivering development and humanitarian interventions. To tackle the complex international development challenges of today, we need to make research more relevant and useful to those directly supporting vulnerable and marginalized communities.

AFND provides the interface that helps to ensure scientific research benefits vulnerable communities. We inform research by consulting with target communities to identify and articulate their needs, by supporting knowledge transfer to communities and by using our networks to help roll-out research products. AFND plays a greater role in designing research agendas. At AFND, we are a potential 'customer' of the research, our participation in identifying research gaps and setting priorities for investment would do much to make research outputs more useful and usable. And it is to note that commissioning boards give greater weight to whether research findings will have a practical use when they set criteria for investment.

Healthcare companies developing a problem-oriented research agenda kindly get in touch with us, and we ensure that the initiative would certainly strengthen the connection between science and practical day-to-day challenges. This, in turn, helps AFND to contribute effectively to all the communities and societies we support.

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