Entrepreneurship Support

At AFND, we not only develop innovations and translate the society but we also create entrepreneurs. All our new products and ideas disseminated to the society through our entrepreneurship programs. We have initiated two such projects recently that includes CFME and the Healthy Supermarket model. Both the project in terms of ideas conceptualization and implementation has been successful running in various countries and the states.

Campaigns at AFND

How do we conduct awareness campaigns?

  • From time to time many community organizations want to make special attempt to get their message across to a new and larger section of population. The challenge is to create interest and inform/educate people who are not aware or have not been involved in the cause. Check how we do it
  • Online: Today the world is digital, knowing our presence, at AFND, we create awareness through Web 2.0. Our campaigns are created focused on the objective of the program being targeted. First it identifies the right social media channel (e.g. Face book, Qzone, Whatspp, Google+, YouTube, Twitter), optimize the social content, optimize the team and strengthen the engagement strategy. We ensure to measure the awareness metrics through potential reach, mentions per time period, inbound links, share of voice and share of conversation.
  • Mass Activity: Schools, Apartments, Hospitals, old aged homes, hostels, individuals (one on one) etc.

Benefits of awareness campaigns at AFND

  • Awareness programs at AFND helps raise funds for implementation and research over environmental and health issues.
  • AFND does everything from providing practical support to educating the public over community and human health.
  • Programs at AFND are compelling and urge people into action.
  • It allows you to connect with like-minded people, generating support for a cause.
General Public, Corporate, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, old age residential care, caterers, and any individual or group who are interested and passion towards preventive healthcare activities. We just not leave you by educating through videos and pamphlets along but rather change your behaviour by changing beliefs and perceptions (social norms), attitude and motivation, implementing structural changes, influencing the availability and accessibility of health service.

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