Young Learners Fest - Child and Health Nutrition

Holistic education is not far-fetched

It was an interactive learning fest organized by School Connects, in association with Jeppiaar CBSE and Matric School for kids aged between three and 17, titled the Young Learner Fest, 2018. Our president Dr.Radhika Ganesan felicitated the event by giving a though-provoking presentation on Child and Health Nutrition. When there is great concern for child nutrition nowadays, such events would certainly reach the audience in the right manner.

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Doctor's meet with Father of Green Nanotechnology

Dr. Kattesh V Katti has been a great force in the field of Nanotechnnology.His research on Nanotechnology has garnered great appreciation. Dr. Radhika Ganesan, the president of AFND shared her thoughts on Green Nanotechnology in her unique style at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels, Chennai, India.

UBM- Nutraceuticals - Clinicalresearch

Today, data are everywhere

Join us at AFND, as we inspire the next generation of diverse technology talent during

Harnessing the full potential of nutraceuticals warrants the need for innovation at every step, innovation is driven by IoT” Our President Dr.Radhika Ganesan shares insights on #Nutraceuticals

We strive to improve the way the world works and lives #Nutraceuticals #Clinicalresearch

Benefits of Walking, Exercise By Dr.Radhika Ganesan -- President AFND (CFME) @ Thanthi Tv

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Ayurvedha family inauguration

INDIA’s FIRST FREE NANO AYUSH HEALTH CAMP in T.NAGAR on MAY 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2018.  Chennai based DNA AYUSH Facility in collaboration with Abhusha Foundation (a registered Charitable Trust) are organizing India’s First free Nano Ayush Health Campon May 24th, 25thand 26th, 2018.


An internationally acclaimed Ayurveda Doctor Dr. C. M. Joshi MD (Ayurveda), shall lead 3 days free Nano Ayurveda health camp fornatural Treatment of Cancer, Arthritis, Sepsis, Osteoporosis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and various other critical conditions.

Please register your names for free consultation to avail unique natural treatment using advanced Nanotechnology and Ayurveda termed as Magic Nano Delivery system (MNDs). Registration is must along with earlier medical reports.

This free Nano Ayush health Camp shall be held between 24th, 25thand 26th May, 2018.Consultation Hours10.00 am to 12.00 noon & 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Please register your appointments or call at 044 4092 7300 at DNA AYUSH FACILITY No. 8/34, Neelakanta Mehta Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Dr. C. M. Joshi (Visiting Physician Ayur-Ashram, EUROPE) has experience in Ayurveda for over a decade and has been Member - Editorial review board J-AIM (Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine). He has been developing and refining technologies which have been unique in Ayurveda. His previous experience includes being technical head-director at SPARSH AYURVEDA where he was responsible for technical operations and designing integrative healthcare models and solutions. Responsible for scientific branding and research activities.

Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi (DNA) is a leading Nano Ayurveda company is running AYUSH facility. DNA is a research focussed company on Green Nanotechnology. All the products manufactured by this company are completely natural and without synthetic preservatives. The products manufactured by DNA thus carry the Magic Nano Delivery System for treatment of various critical conditions.

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Impact of our swift lifestyle mandate to eat packaged foods rather than fresh foods

Dr. Radhika Ganesan, President/CEO-AFND explained ( AFND raised its voice) the impact of our swift lifestyle mandate to eat packaged foods rather than fresh foods since we do not have accessibility to eat more fresh foods. Progressively, she requested to practice balanced diet in eating 2/3rd fresh foods on daily basis. The program was successful every student got clear awareness about packaged foods demerits, MSG, and fresh food merits.

Currently, most of the young minds are figure out by the lack of education & knowledge concern to health & wellness aspects and also limited awareness on taking a health decision. In order to tackle this issue & create the awareness, one of the top South Indian Television channel conducted the “Nutrition Lifestyle Disorders College Students In Chennai” debate program. As part of the CSR activity, our team members reached the spot to give an

To study awareness in term of nutrition lifestyle and packaged foods among young population especially college going students. To evaluate the impact of health awareness debate programme on knowledge of nutritional lifestyle & packaged food

CSR Guires Solution Private Limited and AFND organize blood donation drive (Lions Clubs India)

“Quart from your heart” campaign reveals true colors of Guires.

Steadfast Guiresans rekindled community spirit by donating blood on Friday, June 8th, 2018. Guires Solution Private Limited (a leading KPO consulting firm) organized a blood donation camp in association with Lions Clubs India and Association of Food Nutrition and Diet (AFND) before the Chairman and CEO inaugurated the campaign, droves of employees queued up at the camp—an emphatic response.

Ganesan stated, "In conclusion, we want to say one thing: Notwithstanding our business expansion, we are conscious of our debt to our community and hence we want to give back. Employee satisfaction, client delights and community welfare—these are the values we cherish and our employees make it happen."

The CEO, Ganesan, led donated first. Contribution of Guires Solution Private Limited employees and its associates go directly to the #bloodbank of Lions Clubs International the camp titled "A quart from your heart" was successful despite looming project deadlines.

"As a rapidly growing organization, this is an eloquent testimony of our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility; yes, we are cognizant of our responsibility to society and persevere to live up to society's expectations—food, nutrition, and eco-friendly initiatives are next." remarked, Radhika Ganesan, President, AFND. Finally, the management team shook hands, gave certificates, and appreciated all for their zeal.

Mother's Day Celebrations

Women are proving their mettle in every sphere of life. Honoring the achievers is a beautiful way of affirming that women are also powerful architects of the society. Rotary club of Anna Nagar- Chennai, as part of #MothersDay celebration, presented #WomenEmpowerment Award to Radhika Ganesan, the President of #AFND ( )

PLEASE FIND HERE WITH ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE and PHOTO PRESS RELEASE ROTARY CLUB OF  ANNA NAGAR MADRAS CELEBRATED MOTHERS DAY BY PRESENTING  WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AWARDS Aspart of Mothers Day celebration week the President Rtn.Gauthamchand Bothra and the secretary Rtn.Vrinda Deepak of Rotary Club of  Anna Nagar Madras organized Mothers Day celebration yesterday.   It was Heaven on Earth at the celebration when the members of Rotary club of Anna Nagar Madras spent an evening to honour Mother's of members of the Club.  There was great family bonding and touching moments when all the mothers who were in the age group of 70+ to 99 years were honoured and in turn they showered endless blessings to all present.  The blessing of Smt Memla Mathur who is just a few days away from becoming 99 years were sought by each one . In a small cake cutting celebration she said she was most happy to be in the midst of the elite gathering.  Besides the event also was symbolic of women empowerment as  Renowned Artist Mrs.N.Swarnalatha Dr. Radhika Ganesan, Director of Guires Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mrs. Praveena Solomon, Cremation Organizer IWA NGO Anna Nagar and  Author of International bestseller book "Victims For Sale" Ms. Nischinta Amarnath were recognised and presented with an award  for their meritorious services .  District First Lady (RI Dist 3232) Dr. Sujatha who presided said that the whole atmosphere had an aura of divinity.  These women over and above their family responsibilities strech out a helping hand to society. President of Rotary Club of Anna Nagar Madras Rtn. Gouthamchand  Bothra, First Lady Usha Bothra and the  Secretary Rtn. Vrinda Deepak conceptualized and  ensured smooth functioning of the entire event. The highlight of the event was the emotional and thought provoking  speech by Mrs.Praveena Solomon, who is a cremation organizer for IWA NGO, inspired and lauded by one and all. 

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Rotary Rajan Eye Bank and Rotary Club of Madras - Eye Donation Awareness Campaign

Chennai T.Nagar based Rajan Eye Care Hospital, Rotary Rajan Eye Bank and Rotary Club of Madras T.Nagar jointly organised Eye Donation Awareness Campaign today. On this occasion Chief Guest of the event Mr.Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, Indian Table Tennis Star - Eye Donation Ambassador pledged his eyes with inspiring motivation speech. Dr.Radhika Ganesan, Nutritionist and Director of Guires Solutions Private Limited and many others also pledged to donate their eyes on this occasion. The Eye Donation Awareness Campaign was organized today by Dr.Mohan Rajan, Chairman & Medical Director, Rajan Eye Care Hospital and Dr.Sujatha Mohan, Director, Rotary Rajan Eye Bank, T.Nagar, Chennai 

AFND and Madridge collaborate at “Nutrition, Health, and Aging” symposium.

Nutrigenomics, paediatrics, public health, nutraceuticals…

September 26-27, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany.

AFND and ASSOCHAM collaborate at “Nutraceuticals” symposium.

Functional foods, dietary supplements, natural medicines…

JULY 25th, 2018, New Delhi, India.

The Centre for ‘Food, Mood, Exercise and Education [CFME]’ as Evidence-Based Clinical and Community Preventive and Management Healthcare Model in Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu, India In Support of Association of Health, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics (AFND), an NGO.

Centre for Food, Mood, Exercise and Education (CFME) founded Radhika Ganesan, ( a unique initiative to translate evidence-based research to clinical and community level. CFME focuses both phases in parallel, where one commission is the assessment of prevalence through epidemiological studies and through the other (Guires Wellness Centre) prevention and management measures are undertaken.

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