For Individuals

An internship can play a key role for any individual to convert theoretical background knowledge into implementation/practice. It provides valuable experience for graduate students, professionals, research people and more who are looking to embark their subject knowledge into the practical way and can be beneficial in multiple directions.
AFND offers internship opportunities for any individuals, school, and college students, and for professional’s efforts to give positive working experiences. We open the door for the opportunity for any individual to finish their internship in the various streams like medicine, life science, food & nutrition, research writing, content writing, etc.
Additionally, a lot of individuals and institutions are showing their interest and dedication in working as the intern for AFND under the guidance of our expertise in the areas of healthcare, nutrition and research scholars to accomplish true intern advantages and opportunities. Our goals of internship help the individual to gain cost-efficient and reliable work experience, in turn, to expand their services through working in a various sectors government, industry, profit and non-profit organization to explore their possibility, opportunities, priority consideration with the help of this well-established pathway. At the completion internship duration, you will not only gain certification, but you will also edify how to face confidently working challenges and understand your career role & implement in day-to-day during the internship program.

Internship Period:
1-3 month
AFND deals the internship program for the various regionally accredited institutions in India for the graduates, post graduates and Ph.D. students under the stream of Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Nutrition and Home Science), Medical (Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy, etc.).

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