AFND strongly believes that through continuous research and its implementation in practice improves the quality of Life. Through Research Internships, we seed the knowledge to the young minds in the society. We provide 1-3 months Internships for graduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students in the areas of Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Nutrition and Home Science), Medical (Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy, etc.). Our internship program assuredly helps to develop your research experience by learning from embarking to the bottom line from our highly experienced professionals. In additional, you will get a chance to learn the leadership skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and other professional skills through our AFND Internship program. We offer the best learning and working platform for every intern enabling successful attainment fulfilling the life science and medical positions.

Furthermore, Our successful internship prepares the graduates to integrate theory into practice. At the end of the internship program, you will have relevant experience and confidence to face career life smoothly than others. If you decide to be part of AFND, you will achieve the true benefits of learning and training in this real-time world to achieve the practical experience to quickly employed and placed in the top companies. Our internship program brings experience. This experience brings imagination & self-confidence. Participate in AFND internship program that compliments your academic knowledge and personal goals into a successful career.

For Institutions


AFND offers a large learning and working interns’ platform for institutions that are looking to transform subject knowledge into the real-time world. Institutions and academic research centers could admit their young bloomer to work as the intern and also adapt to this multicultural working environment enable to gain practical work experience in this astounding environment.

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For Individuals


An internship can play a key role for any individual to convert theoretical background knowledge into implementation/practice. It provides valuable experience for graduate students, professionals, research people and more who are looking to embark their subject knowledge into the practical way and can be beneficial in multiple directions.

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