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March 30, 2016
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March 31, 2016
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Indian foods that help you to stay hydrated- A practical Recommendation on Easy 10 steps

Staying hydrated is important in all weathers. But most of us ignore this fact. Remember, our body is composed of about 70% of water and water plays an important role in proper functioning of different parts of our body as it helps to remove waste and toxins out from the body and maintains right body temperature and prevents dehydration.
During summer, the rise in temperature makes it even more important to stay hydrated. Water comes out from the body through urination, sweating and bowel movements so everybody should understand that water intake is important even if you are not doing any type of physical activity. Around 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women of water are recommended. Although water is one of the most recommended things to meet the fluidic requirements of the body but still if you find it difficult to drink more water then you can eat your water with the help of some of the best foods that contain a high amount of water content.
While doing any type of physical activity, you tend to lose you water levels through sweat, and it would be wise to replenish those water levels by drinking electrolyte-rich fresh juices, fruits and vegetables. This is because of the fact that drinking too much water leads to lose of essential vitamins and minerals out from the body. While eating water means eating foods that helps you to keep yourself hydrated you don’t need to keep a count on a number of glasses of water taken. Moreover, these foods give a boost of fiber content with other essential phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. Read on to get a practical recommendation with easy ten steps that points out foods that help you to keep yourself hydrated.


Cucumber is one of nature’s gift to human beings as this vegetable contains a high amount of water. It is easily available and thus one of the great foods to keep you hydrated. Some more  benefit of cucumber includes that it removes toxins from the body as well, and the presence of caffeic acid helps to cool the skin as well.Just add it to your meal in the form of salad.


Not all of us are aware of the fact that carrots contain 90% water content. This vegetable is very good for the eyes and fulfills the requirement of water in winters. It hydrates our body. Just munch raw carrots as whole or add pieces of carrot to soups or salads


One of the summer favorite foods of many of us is watermelon. This fruit contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium and fulfills the requirement of water in our body. You can take this fruit in the form of juice or in fruit salads. Kids and elderly can easily enjoy this fruit in the form of juice.This is a perfect food to beat the heat and keep dehydration away.Oranges and sweet lime are also recommended fruits as they are high in water content and provides our body with adequate vitamin C.Vitamin C increases immunity and strength of our body.


Cabbage is low in cholesterol level and high in Vitamin C with a good amount of fiber and water content in it. Cabbage can be taken in different forms as you can take it as a vegetable in your meal. But to take advantage of the water content of cabbage you should eat it in the form of green salads, stir fried veggies or yummy vegetable soups.


Berries are one of the ideal summer foods that help to make you stay hydrated. They contain 90% of water, and you can relish strawberries as desserts, juices, fondues or raw. They are a rich source of fiber and essential minerals and eating them is ideal for people who are looking for weight loss diets as well.


Mangoes contain an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, mainly Vitamin A. This Vitamin A helps to normalize the production of skin cells and improve skin. When mangoes are taken, then the presence of Vitamin A in it helps to prevent the overproduction of skin cells. So you should eat 3 or 4 slices of mango in summers as it helps to refresh you and hydrate the skin and your body.


Pomegranate is a good hydrating source and also it is full of anti-oxidants. It is world’s most prolific source of polyphenols. Adding pomegranates as food in your meal helps to keep you hydrated. So just add pomegranates to your morning cereal or yogurt with fresh green or fruit salads to enjoy your meal and fulfill the water requirement of the body. Pomegranate can also be taken in the form of juice.


You must be thinking on as how a buttery-fleshed avocado can become a hydrating food. It’s true that it is not a hydrating food but still it helps to hold on the water present in the body. Avocados offer one added benefit as well because of the presence of monounsaturated fats that contain oleic acid and it improves the fat levels and keeps a check on cholesterol levels and diabetes. You can eat it by adding avocado slices in your sandwiches, diced avocado into your salads or enjoying peeled avocado as a snack.


We all knew that green vegetables are good for health. Then how can you forget broccoli and spinach? Both of them are a great source of alpha lipoic acid which is a potent water-soluble antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. You can eat broccoli or spinach in your salads by steaming them or in veggie soups.


We all are aware of the well-known saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apple helps to keep you hydrated and helps in managing heart problems and weight loss. Apples can be taken in the form of fruit salads or just take it as it is as a midday snack. Choose from different varieties available in apple all over the world.

All these foods will surely help you to overcome problems of dehydration and give you a better and healthy life.

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