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March 31, 2016
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March 31, 2016
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Importance of celebration of Nutrition and hydration week March Indian based approach

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014(17th -23rd March 2014) will show action across India in different social and health care settings to create awareness and understanding among people on good nutrition and benefits of adequate hydration.This initiative is getting support from people all over the India.


The mission of Nutrition and Hydration week remains to enforce an activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration that will reinforce focus and energy.

This national event will start with Worldwide Afternoon Tea on Wednesday 19th March. The invitation for this tea is given to all service providers in health and social care settings. This demonstrates a mutual practice and commitment to improving nutrition and hydration.

The three main organizations of Nutrition and Hydration Week 2013 are :

  • Patient Safety First (PSF),
  • Hospital Caterers Association (HCA)
  • National Association of Care Catering (NACC)

These three institutions are requesting social and health care providers to provide afternoon tea to staff and visitors. The serving of afternoon tea is considered more as a key focal point of the week .This proves that a simple meal is ideal to promote nutrition and hydration among people. Apart from offering nutritional benefits, it offers other social and health care benefits.The implementation of nutrition and hydration week can take place in aged care homes,community meal rounds, day care setting, hospitals, cafes and staff rooms.

From the point of view of nutrition and hydration, “Afternoon tea supports the concept of three meals and two snacks in a day and this boosts the calorie intake which can be implemented by all groups, and these groups include people with definite dietary needs,eating issues and food texture problems.

Afternoon Tea also plays a significant social and emotional role that is important to the overall well-being. It gives an opportunity to people who are living in social and health care settings to get rid of their isolation by interacting with fellow residents, patients, staff or visitors.

The objective of Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014 is to epitomize how to make adjustments to eating and drinking habits and how these changes improve the quality of life. This campaign will surely benefit people all over India to people living within social and health care settings by playing a preventative role. This role acts as a catalyst to kill malnutrition related diseases and other types of sickness that require complex and expensive treatments as well help to reduce long recovery periods, delayed discharges and increases NHS costs.

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014 concentrate more on positive action and gives useful advice and instruction to social and health professional on the action that helps to prevent malnutrition and dehydration and gives relief from stress that arises due to health issues and other social issues.

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