Founder- Dr.Radhika Ganesan

Radhika Ganesan, the President of Association of Health, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

s an eminent and a passionate research nutritionist since more than a decade now. As an ambitious and determined leader, she has commenced innumerable nutritional epidemiological research initiatives and authored several research publications to feature in peer reviewed international journals such as European Journal of Nutrition, British Journal of Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition. Among her well scored publications, the paper on Salt and Hypertension Intake among South India, published in Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR) received best paper award. The strong foundation of her profound knowledge was complemented with the trainings from reputable organizations such as Centre for Food Technology and Research Institute (Mysore) and in addition she was also a visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health (United States of America) under the guidance Prof Walter Willett and Prof Frank Hu. Her indomitable eagerness in the field of food and nutrition enabled to undergo vigorous training programs like food pattern analyses at Lund University, Sweden; new food product developmental activities at DFRL, Mysore, Glycemic Index and Satiety Testing, under the supervision of Professor Jeya Henry, Oxford Brookes University, UK.

The profound knowledge, technical expertise and the burden to expose such life transforming knowledge to the common man in the society, provided the platform to initiate the first ever Lifestyle Intervention Approach, a holistic one, for the prevention, management and treatment of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases which are undoubtedly disastrous and globally life threatening to mankind. Further, distressful and agonizing events of losing the dearest and near ones only for the simplest reasons of misdiagnosis, lack of symptomatic and precautionary awareness or understanding, and misinterpretation of symptoms, only enkindled her ambition to translate the scientific knowledge to lay men terms through AFND. In light of all these events, today Association of Health, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics (AFND) is a non-governmental organization with the goal to translate evidence based research by uniting and empowering nutrition professionals in India to empower every individual to reclaim their right of living a healthy life irrespective of age, gender, education, and socio-economic status.

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