Global Preventive Healthcare

Model Employing Holistic Evidence Based Approach

The last few decades have globally witnessed the increasing incidence of Non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and Heart diseases as India leads the world with the infamous title of being the 'diabetic capital of the world' with obesity and overweight as a primary risk factors. Today, many manufacturers have misinterpreted this demand of "to be healthy" to promote their product and services with various misleading advertisements like biscuits can replace milk, weight loss promotions to their product to the consumers, who are constantly bombarded with such misleading information. The lack of awareness and failure to realize the truthfulness of products solely trusting that those products would solve their issues is also of great concern. However, the concept of preventive healthcare model breaks all these shackles that present in the form of products and services causing harm to general and diseased individuals, and at the same time offers holistic, evidence based services with measurable outcome.

*CFME is straightforward to the public...

"Fight against diseases by just not prescribing but by making it available to everyone which is more realistic and sustainable"

Why AFND Supports CFME?

Given the above challenges with the concept of evidenced based approach and ethical health practice, AFND strongly supports this initiative. Since all the products and services are scrutinized for its evidence based outcome, the products that are not tested for its health and food & nutrition claims are strictly excluded or are processed for appropriate food based clinical trials / satiety testing or randomized clinical trials with the approval of Human ethical committee.

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